Why Choose Us
                                                     Shanghai Yland Autoparts Co.,ltd
Shanghai Yland Autoparts Co.,ltd is proud to have been trading since 2013, we have spent the last 7 years establishing relationships with the biggest and best Turbo and parts manufactures in all of China. We have whittled down from many, to a select few so that we can deliver the best quaility and service to anywhere on the globe.
With a warehouse in Shanghai and one in the USA, and branches in South Africa, UK and Ecuador we have the majority of the world covered. We are a "best kept secret". Those that know us, love us.
We accept custom orders, bulk orders can have customised labelling.
No handling fee for the drop ship and custom label.
We are your free warehouse.
Your labour logistic department.
Our motto is "if we show it we have it"
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